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AMC specializes in the supply of services to the oil industry and aims
to provide a first class service to the customer base.

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Calibration and Metering Proving Services
Accuracy And Quality

Accurate measurement of volume is important for both trade and industry. In the case of the petroleum trade, metering errors can quickly add up to large sums of money and can also have effects on the safety of loading.

Quality assurance requires good metering accuracy in the process and large scale production industries. Stock control and cost monitoring are other areas where volume measurement is important.

How accurate is the meter? – it is not until a meter has been calibrated that its accuracy and performance characteristics are known.


Calibration involves comparing the meter’s display with the accurately measured volume, the most suitable method of calibration depends upon the required accuracy, trace ability and site conditions.

The best results are normally obtained if calibration can be performed on site, with the meter operating under its normal conditions of pressure, flow rate and product.

Calibration should be carried out regularly, at intervals to suit the maintenance of the required accuracy. It is often a good idea to plan ahead for regular calibrations over a given period.

Calibration is a specialised business, requiring a detailed knowledge of flow instrumentation, of the properties of the materials being monitored and of the practical implication of variation in accuracy.

With over 80 years combined service AMC have the facilities, skills, and experience necessary for accurate calibration of all types of flow meter and flow measurement accessory, normally carried out on-site in actual conditions.

To suit different on-site requirements AMC use different types of proving devices:

Proving vessels of known volume

Displacement devices (small volume provers)

High accuracy reference flow meters

Test results are electronically recorded on laptops. By analysing our results over a period of time we can identify problems in the condition of individual meters avoiding expensive failures and other associated problems.

Types Of Equipment
Reference Meter
We use reference meters to calibrate turbine and Positive Displacement Meters from 100 litres per minute to 2500 litres per minute
Proving by Reference Meter using product return lines
A Smith Prime 4 reference meter with electronic readout
being used for meter proving onto a dump vehicle
Reference meter proving of electronic flow computers
Volumetric Proving

AMC use volumetric vessels from 1 Litre to 2500 Litres.
These are available for site use.


Small Volume Prover
AMC use volumetric vessels from 1 Litre to 2500 Litres.
These are available for site use.

AMC use a Small Volume Prover which is totally mobile and
very compact, ideal for the calibration of in-line turbines on large bore pipe work at high pressure, it’s size allows it
to fit into small areas.

This is Suitable for flow rates of 2.5 to 2500
barrels per hour
(6 to 6600 litres per minute) and pressures of class 300.

Commissioning .
AMC specialise in supplying a single source for the commissioning of new and
overhauled loading facilities, whereby AMC supply a full service for flow
controller programming, flow meter setup, control valve setup and meter calibration.
Commissioning of an Isoil Vega Loading system
Commissioning of a new loading facility
using Isoil Vega flow computers and Liquip Loading arms
Commissioning of a re-engineered loading system
Meters and valves overhauled and Smith Accuload 3 installed

AMC supply on site contract services for meter proving, maintenance, repairs, and
support for many of the Oil, Chemical and Industrial Sector Companies.

Contracts are tailored to suit the needs of the individual customer but normally include the following :

Meter proving every 6 months.

Maintenance every 6 months.

Responding verbally to breakdowns within a 12 to 24 hour period from report of fault.

Arrival on site within a 24 to 48 hour period from report of a fault.

Telephone support normally within 4 to 6 hours as all engineers have mobile telephones.

Holding of essential spare parts, especially PCB boards for FMC Acculoads.



Supporting a large customer base, AMC support many of the Oil, Chemical and
Industrial Sector Companies, both in the UK and in Europe.

We have the capability and skill to carry out repairs on all types/manufacturers of
Positive Displacement Meters and Turbines, although we do specialise in FMC Smith
equipment and Avery Hardoll meters.

Repairs In The Field

AMC will visit site to access faults with equipment and on many occasions, as a result of spares held by the Service Engineers, are able to repair the equipment immediately.

If this is not possible, then a report is left advising requirements.

On some occasions if has been possible for the meter to be disconnected by our engineer, returned to our workshops, repaired, tested and returned back to customer within 5 days.

Smith Valves and Smith meters reconditioned and
converted ready for use with Accuload 3
Smith valve upgraded with new solenoid to
comply with ATEX requirements
Partial upgrade to an existing top loading facility for
use with Accuload 3
Installation Of New Equipment

AMC offer outstanding service for the installation of new and refurbished equipment.

Installation of new Smith F4S3 flowmeters

In-House Testing

Equipment is returned to our workshops at Market Lavington, stripped, faults recorded, repaired and tested on our in-house flow rig before being returned to customer.

Often, due to the comprehensive range of spares stocked, equipment is received, repaired, and returned to customer within a 5 day period.

If required by customer, AMC can arrange for the equipment to be repainted before return.

Smith E4 meters,
refurbished and repainted,
ready for shipment.

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